Mooring Pages 28/04/2016

April 28, 2016 at 6:18 AM

Praise be to God!

All praise and due the Most High God Ruler of Heaven and Earth.

My Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ, but in my Heart of Hearts, I must admit to believing that it was Lord Krishna whispering to Him. It is Lord Krishna that He called Father, Whom He bid us to call Father.

Please Lord God guide me and correct me if I speak falsely.

Today is the anniversary of my Mother’s birth. The first day she drew breath with the breathing of the Earth and joined us in the sacred dance of life and death, within our knowing… There may have been a great many births and rebirths before this one, but in this life, she was blessed to be born as a human, and learn the faith of Christ. I was blessed to be born in a Christian household, to be raised in the ways, in which I should go, so that I knew where to return, when the evil day drew nigh. I pray that I come not too late, but no one will know the time.

For me Lord Krishna dwells as Kairos Lord of the Present Moment, Elohim, Lord of Lords… But wait… It was just yesterday that I came to the realization that Kairos may be the Holy Ghost, The Spirit which Jesus bid Elohim to send, while it is Kairos, Lord of the Present Moment, which rules the day. One should not blaspheme against that Spirit which dwelleth within and without, binding us all to the Most High, which doth the great work of making the Earth a footstool for His Son, Jesus the anointed King of Heaven and Earth. It is Jesus whom I look to for guidance, sustenance and comfort on this day till the last, in this ever arising moment, with which I move and remain.

This is the day that the Lord hath made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Nicole sent me some business notes from our precious time together yesterday. What a great bounty that was!

She sent me these questions for my Business Project:

Dharma Addict Media Messaging Marketing NetWorks

She suggested that I shorten the name:

Dharma Addict’s Media Network

I like it, in that it is easier to say. There are a bunch of yoga instructors operating singular websites, promoting their businesses. I would like to gather them within DAMN and share their work in a singular letter to venues and festivals. I would like to go to venues and festivals and offer to tell them about visiting Yogis. The Yogis would be in my network. The venues would offer spaces to teach. I would fill the spaces. The yogis or the venues would pay for the service… DAMMMN… That works! As a financing engine, that works! As a reason to publish and bi-monthly newsletter that work! DAMMMN!

I also want to work with those who want to make real the promise of salvation. Those who see a life of freedom and ease and need to see a path to making that life a sustainable reality.

Please God guide and sustain me as I go about doing the work You’ve revealed to me, sustain my body and guide and enliven my spirit as I go forth.