I’m going to take a moment to brag on God!

Jesus save me…

My God, the Most High God, God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, Who delivered His only Son, Jesus the living Christ, up for my salvation is sooooo good! 


Thank You Heavenly Father for the greatness You displayed turning that hurricane away from the coast of North Carolina yesterday:

A caregiver from my daughter Rosa’s school was worried about His sister, who decided by faith to stay in her house. Usually a happy guy, his head was hung. He was sad about what he knew was the fate of his stubborn sister. 

“I could see sticking it out through a type 3 hurricane, but this one is a type 5, and she lives right on the coast,” he said. 

I’ve seen this type of faith before and been impressed with what God can do. I ask him her name and told him I would pray for her. I could tell something shifted even as I was talking to him. It took faith just to say that I would pray for her. It took faith to believe that God there was hope, and that hope was in God. I’m glad I didn’t just wish him the best or just say let’s see. 

He reminds me of the type of mocker and scoffer I used to be. I guess he needed a miracle, like I needed one.

Today he was so excited about the hurricane turning and his sister being safe that he gave me a couple of bags of Gummy Bears, one for me and one for Rosa. 

He told me what happened and asked me I what did. I said, “You have to go to the source.”

He said, “The power of prayer.”

“It been studied to be effective. They’ve written books about it,”I said.

I wonder how I have gotten by so long with such weak faith as not to speak the truth in love like this more often. I guess God had some work to do on this fellows heart. He got some praise from a nonbeliever in that daycare yesterday. That’s for sure! Thank You Jesus for saving me that I may bear witness to the grace, mercy and glory of God!

Glory be to God only!