Delieverance Prayer

In the name of Jesus, I cast out you the wicked spirit of lust, hatred, anger, fear, jealousy, pride, sickness, pain, chronic disease, corona, covid19, racism, race, lying, ignorance, doubt, bitterness and unbelief from me and this House Blackwell to the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ right now. You wicked spirits of sickness and lies have no right over me and this House and I send you to the feet of Jesus to be bound there eternally because I am a child, we are the children, of God who are saved and redeemed by the blood of Christ. I seek the intercession of St. Michael, the archangel, all apostles, especially St. Peter and St. Paul, all saints and martyrs especially St. Sebastian and St. George, St. Thomas and the great intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Let the Lord allow me to experience the fullness of His redemption. Come, Holy Spirit, come and fill me and this House Blackwell with Your Power. 

Deliver me O Lord from all spells, curses, bondage, affliction, possession, dominion, trials, tribulations and traps of the devil and the demons right now. Amen.