A form of affirmative prayer, stumbled upon…

January 12, 2019 at 6:08 PM

Jesus save me.

I have an idea about the two paragraphs that seems bold and a challenge to my faith. I am writing a book on sanity, a book that claims that coming to believe in a power greater than oneself can restore one to sanity. Using my own experience, I’m writing a book that challenges the idea that there are psychological and social solutions to human misery without a Higher Power. Leaning on the work of David Hawkins, Gary Zukov, Dr. Joseph Murphy and Bessel van der Kolk, MD., I present myself as an example of healing  from manic depression. I prove that I’m sane. This would quite a challenge anyone. There are several stories of journalists whom couldn’t get out of psychiatric locked down wards even though they were there only to get story. But I currently collecting disability as a war veteran because of mental health diagnosis. It’s a bold challenge to my faith, because if I’m successful, I would be forfeiting almost $40,000 per annum in Veteran Administration benefits. I would only want to do that if I had faith that I could pay that money back with interest and make much more than that living out my passion and full potential as a healer, writer, speaker and educator. 

I am writing a perennial seller, a book that sells more and more copies as the years roll on. I teach a style of affirmative prayer and meditation that has been useful to me in expanding the bounds of my consciousness and having the contents of my consciousness be more and more pleasing as I accept and work with this practice. I have a demonstration of and testimony to God’s grace and glory that needs to be heard by a great many people.

For years I’ve been waking up in the mornings and writing pages of prayers. I’ve been using the spiritual armor of God as a rough structure. I wake up in the morning and pray on my armor, before going out to do spiritual warfare. The practice developed slowly over time, and I’m only now beginning to find a language for what it is and explore its potential.  

I seem to have stumbled upon a form of affirmative prayer. 

To God be the glory!