Why Fast? It’s a Spiritual Thing.

I did a short 36 hour fast before New Year’s Day. I fast for spiritual reasons… I guess religious reasons Jesus said he assumed I would. Then I tried it. It made sense. 

I guess the it made sense part needs a little unpacking. I’ve learned that my stomach has a mind of its own and my desire to consume takes up a lot of time and energy. While fasting, I free up a lot of time, energy and intellect for other things. 

I’ve heard that brain cells that fire together why are together, meaning that as we act habitually our brain cells, fire and predictable ways, and that creates strongholds in our thoughts, words and deeds: habits if you will. As we break those habitual thoughts, words, and deeds, those brain cells that fire together and wire together, come apart, releasing energy for other things —new ways of thinking, new ways of expressing, new ways of acting and being. If we’re talking, non-material, we’re talking about energy. 

Fasting helps me find a way to be more connected to the spiritual, energetics, conscious part of myself: The part of myself that is not a part of the material world, like my fleshly body, but knows itself as a spiritual being. I know my spiritual nature, the part connected to the divine, exists, but I forget because of the material, fleshly, worldly reality. 

Fasting helps with that. 

This year I plan to keep fasting as a part of my lifestyle. I have entered a Body Transformation Competition this winter though. I’m trying to figure out how to integrate fasting as a lifestyle with my desire to keep muscle mass. I actually don’t think there is much of a conflict.